Parties and Groups

We think every day is a party at Joystick! However, “party” is a subjective concept so you may want to throw one of your own. We’ve hosted birthday parties, meet-ups, company parties, ritualistic sacrifices, baby showers, and all manner of strange and wondrous events.

We recognize that everyone’s needs are different so below we’ve got some basic questions for you. No worries if you don’t have exact answers, but the more detailed you are gives us a better idea of what of might be the best option for you. We want to work with you to make sure this event is one of the greatest things you’ve accomplished so far. Better even than that drawing you did of your stick figure family underneath a smiling sun.

Send us an email with these answers…

  • Nice to meet you. What’s your name?

  • What is the nature of your event?

  • Do you have any dates, day of week or a time of day in mind?

  • Are you looking for a Private Event or something while the bar is open to the public?

  • Approximately how many people are in your party?

  • We do not allow outside food. Are you interested in catering options?

  • Anything else you think we should know about your event?